Valorization of tourist sites in the hinterland of the county, advertising and unification of the offer.

Off Road

Promina short, Promina long, Krka na drugi način, Svilaja popriko, Svilaja uzduž, Dinara do iznemoglosti


Ferrata na Čikoli, Let kroz kanjon - zipline, Čikolom nizvodno, Spust u kanjon, Splavom ili kajakom niz Krku

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Multiple, from renting bicycles, all the way to organizing one-day excursions, cleaning all types of business or residential buildings, organizing team building, all the way to renting apartments and holiday homes.
By adapting to market requirements we come to the idea of opening up a company that will offer and organize active and educational excursions a far from the sea. Such excursions in this region can be, but every such trip must be specifically tailored to the clientele that approaches us.
Hike along the canyon of Krka or through the Čikola Canyon, the conquest of the peak of Croatia, cycling through the vineyards, riding over the fields, driving off-road vehicles ... all this is is our obligation, and our obligation is also to provide accommodation food, drinks.



Riding through the field, Riding in the hill


Promina 1, 2 i 3, Walk down the river Krka downstream


Tasting, Local Delicacies

Educational tours

Hommage to Meštrović, From receiving over the tura to the present day, Zagora gave me birth

Climb to the top of Croatia

Silk short stroll Silk top Dinara there


Vineyard tour, Brave climb, Beautiful view (Čikola, Krka), Roški from all corners, Rudarska pisteema

Vacation for the soul
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One of the most fascinating massifs lies on the southwestern slope.

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Enjoy the well-known and lush waterfalls of the Krka River, which make the largest seductive boulder in Europe.

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Svilaja is a mountain chain in Croatia, located in the interior of Dalmatian Zagore.



Promina is a mountain in the interior of Dalmatia. The highest peak is Velika Promina at 1.148 m.a.

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is a 47.8 km long river, located in Dalmatia, south of Croatia.

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The name Drniš is mentioned for the first time in a contract dated March 8, 1494.

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